Pros and Cons of VDSF

The basic idea

The problem: writing powerful and complex server applications often leads to very complex programs with the introduction of multiple threads, the need for synchronization, etc.

The problem compounded: maintaining and updating such an application is often even more complex than developing the original application.


There are multiple solutions to this problem, for example using an existing framework from known vendors (J2EE, for example or .NET). Relational databases have also been used has a solution.

The solution proposed by VDSF is not deemed to be better than the existing solutions, just different... it might indeed be a better choice for some, specially for smaller projects which lack the expertise needed to build a full blown J2EE solution (or something equivalent).

The VDSF solution: instead of having one complex multi-threaded application doing multiple tasks, create a bunch of programs each doing its own single task. All the programs will communicate with each other (as needed) using the shared objects in the Virtual Data Space.

An example:

The project: building software to manage a stock exchange.

Some of the potential tasks:



Last updated on May 22, 2008.