Development Roadmap

Warning: the current roadmap is likely going to be modified with time - take it with a grain of salt...

A note on the term "alpha release": vdsf alpha releases are expected to be as bug free as what is normally expected from beta releases. However, they do not have all the features expected of version 1.0 (which is why they are called alpha releases). Furthermore, the interface itself is still far from being fixed in stone (which might be a problem for anyone using this product, I'll admit...).

You can consult the list of known issues for the first two alpha releases here.

Version 0.3 - expected release date: Summer 2008

Version 0.3 - current status

Version 0.4 - expected release date: Fall 2008

Version 0.5

Version 0.6

Version 0.7

First beta release...

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